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College Financial Aid Scholarships,
     Grants and Federal Money

     Over 15 million students are searching for the same college scholarships, grants and federal financial aid money you are.

     Out of the 3 million new students who start college each year, only 48% actually graduate.  The number one reason so many students are forced to drop out of college - lack of money.

     Financial aid is the key to paying for your college education.  Understanding the entire college financial aid process is vital.  Scholarships, grants and all other forms of college financial aid typically go to those who know the most about the financial aid system.

     The more you know about the college preparation and financial aid process - the more financial aid money you will receive.

The College Financial Aid Process

     The college financial aid process is very detailed and highly sequential.  Scholarships, grants and all other sources of college financial aid are actually the end result of successfully completing this process.

     Visiting the college campuses, meeting with admissions & financial aid officers and submitting your financial aid applications in a timely manner are only a few of the steps involved.

     It's important to remember that your college financial aid award package will be directly effected by how well you complete each step along the way.

College is Essential & Expensive

     A college education today is a necessity for any young adult.  In fact, a college graduate will earn nearly twice as much throughout their lifetime as compared to someone with only a high school diploma.

     A college education is also very expensive.  A four-year education will typically cost anywhere from $50,000 to $180,000.

     Basing your education and your future on which college you think you can afford is not necessary.  You do not need to settle for a college because of cost.

     With the proper planning, you may attend any college, where you are offered admission, at a fraction of what you expected to pay.

Money for College

     There is no need for you to spend countless hours searching for the answers to the college financial aid puzzle.

     You no longer need to worry about losing college financial aid scholarships and grants because you don't completely understand the college financial aid system.

     All the answers and information you need to get money for college are now available in one convenient source.

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